Start of Summer Lì Xià 立夏

May 5, 2022

The Start of Summer or Lì Xià (Chinese: 立夏 ) is the seventh of the 24 traditional Chinese solar terms. Yang-energy is at its fullest. The hexagram that represents this time of year is Qian Gua (乾卦) – six solid-Yang lines. The three phenology associated with this period are: (1) Grasshoppers chirping (蝼蝈鸣 lóu guō míng ), (2) Earthworms burrow out (蚯蚓出 Qiūyǐn chū), and Summer gourds flourish ( 王瓜生 Wáng guāshēng)

Here are some useful health cultivation tips for Lì Xià (Start of Summer):

1. Dress appropriately for the warmer weather as the temperature starts to climb. Avoid too much exertion during the middle of the day when the sun is at its peak. Drink plenty of fluids like water and herbal teas. like mint and chrysanthemum. To increase vitality and balance out the strain hot weather can put on the heart, be sure to get plenty of rest. Take naps and consider taking up some gentler activities such as painting/calligraphy, fishing, or gardening.

2. Summer is associated with the fire phase and therefore the heart. During this time of year, the flaring up of heart fire may present significant health problems like insomnia, red eyes, and irritability. Avoid emotional extremes and do your best to maintain a calm and balanced state of mind. Contemplative Qigong practices and meditations are good ways to achieve a sense of tranquility. Moderate exercise can also be extraordinarily beneficial. Try out different options and find the practices that work best for you.

3. Eating more sour foods during this time of year can nourish the heart by building fluid and blood. Also consider consuming more bitter foods during the summer as they can help to clear internal heat. Seasonal fruits and vegetables such as summer berries, tomatoes, pea greens, cucumbers, and radishes are effective in providing some welcome relief from the warming weather.

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