Start of Spring Lì Chūn 立春

February 4, 2022
Start of Spring, also known as Lì Chūn (Chinese: 立春), is the first of the 24 traditional Chinese solar terms and marks the astrological commencement of Spring. Lì Chūn falls on February 4 this year.
Start of Spring is an astrological designation, and is described by the traditional pentads that constitute Start of Spring – “The East Wind Liberates From Icy Shackles”, (dōng fēng jiě dòng, 东风解冻), Hibernating Insects Begin to Stir (zhé chóng shǐ zhèn, 蛰虫始振), and Fish Rise Up to the Ice (Yú shàng bīng, 鱼上冰 ).
The days are slowly growing longer, songbirds can be heard in the early morning, and there’s the promise of warmer days ahead. We look forward year full of health, renewal, and new beginnings with everyone in the Yo San Community.
Here are some useful health cultivation tips for Lì Chūn:
1. Lì Chūn is a time to nurture the expanding Yang Qi not just in our environment, but in our bodies. Qigong and Taichi practices are excellent ways to gently awaken the hibernating Yang energy in the body in alignment with the Yi Qi of the environment.
2. Consume acrid and warm foods that help invigorate the Yang energy of the body. Aromatic foods like scallions, leeks, chives, cilantro, and garlic are also useful in disseminating the rising Yang energy throughout the body.
3. Take care of chronic illnesses that have a tendency to recur in Spring: asthma, allergies and other respiratory ailments.
4. Wearing loose-fitting attire will allow room for the growing Yang energy of the body to circulate freely throughout the body.
5. Practice Shu Fa (梳法), or “combing therapy”. This is done by combing the hair or scalp daily to stimulate the body’s Yang energy and encourage Wei Qi movement in the head. According to ancient texts, “comb the hair 100 times every morning during the three months of Spring”.
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