MATCM Alum Aram Akopyan’s New Book Elemental Nutrition

Congratulations to MATCM alum Aram Akopyan on the release of his new book Elemental Nutrition: Cooking for your Organs.
Elemental Nutrition examines the bioactive compounds in foods and their effects on the systems of the human body. It contains practical tools, food combinations, and recipes to help optimize diet and cook meals specific to one’s organ systems. It is currently available on Amazon.
Dr Aram Akoypyan graduated from Yo San University in 2006 and completed his residency at Si Chuan Academy of TCM in Chengdu, China. He is an MD with over 12 years of clinical experience and currently holds the honorary position of Director of Scientific and Clinical research for YHU Medical University of Armenia, where he oversees clinical studies and research.