Grain in Ear Máng Zhǒng 芒种

June 5, 2021
Grain in Ear or Máng Zhǒng (Chinese: 芒种 ) is the ninth of the 24 traditional Chinese solar terms and precedes the summer solstice. Máng or 芒 refers to the “ear” or tip of the grain, and is pronounced similar to the Chinese word for “busy”—忙, reinforcing that this hot and humid time of year is especially labor intensive for farmers harvesting the summer grains and planting crops for the autumn. Zhǒng or 种 means to grow or plant, most often rice, wheat, or barley at this time of year.
Here are some useful health cultivation tips for Máng Zhǒng (Grain Ear):
1. Detoxify your body! This is a time of increased dampness and heat in the environment leaving your body especially vulnerable. It is important during this time to stay cool and dry inside. Avoid heavy salt intake and be sure to monitor your fluid intake.
2. What’s true for the body is true for the home. Be sure to maintain high standards of cleanliness during this time of year when heat and damp can lead to the development of toxic mold. Keep your living space clean and dry, especially for people who have people with breathing difficulties or damp patterns
3. Take a nap during the hottest and most Yang part of the day to recover vitality and support the health of the spleen, which can be susceptible to dampness.
4. Eat foods that expel the summer heat and help build fluids, such as melons, pineapples, berries, oranges, as well as cucumbers, celery, mung beans and leafy greens.
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