Autumn Equinox Qiū Fēn 秋分

September 23, 2022
Autumn Equinox or Qiū Fēn (Chinese: 秋分) is the sixteenth of the 24 traditional Chinese solar terms and marks the midpoint of autumn. After today, the days will grow shorter and the nights longer. The weather outside will become perceptibly cooler as that spectacular fall foliage begins to emerge. Each solar term is divided into three pentads consisting of 5 (occasionally 6) days, with each pentad named for corresponding cycles of nature. The pentads for this period are as follows: (1) Thunder begins to soften (雷始收聲), (2) Hibernating insects make nests (蟄蟲培戶), and (3) Water begins to dry up (水始涸).
Here are some useful health cultivation tips for Autumn Equinox (Qiū Fēn):
1. As we enter the Yin-contracting nature of Autumn, we should nourish the Yin to achieve balance. Get more rest. Take naps. Don’t overexert yourself during the day. As the days grow shorter, we should likewise get to bed earlier.
2. Autumn is associated with the Metal Phase and the lungs. It is important now to protect the body from dryness, especially the Lungs and Skin, as they are susceptible to dryness-related injuries. Consume seasonal foods that nourish and moisten, such as pears, persimmons, daikon radishes and carrots.
3. Raw honey is also excellent for nourishing the body and preventing dryness. A perfect tea for Qiū Fēn is chrysanthemum tea with honey. Not only does it moisten the lung, but it treats seasonal allergies.
4. A rice-congee prepared with Asian pears and fresh lily bulbs (Bai He) is both nutritious and delicious; the congee warms the Stomach/Spleen in addition to the moistening properties of the pears and lily bulbs.
5. Now is the time to get some acupuncture! Regular maintenance and ‘tune up’ sessions will go a long way toward keeping you healthy in the Fall and the upcoming Winter seasons.
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