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How to Apply

      1. Choose your degree program
        For students who have completed at least 60 units of undergraduate study we offer:
        • Master's of Acupuncture and Chinese Herbal Medicine (MAcCHM)
        • Doctor of Acupuncture and Chinese Herbal Medicine (DAcCHM)
        For students who have completed a master's degree in Traditional Chinese Medicine we offer:
        • 1 year completion module for the DAcCHM degree
        • Advanced Practice Doctoral Degree (DAOM)
        If you're unsure of which degree you qualify for, then on the application below check "I will decide during my interview with Admissions."
      2. Submit our easy application
        Completing our application form is free, and it's the best way to get started on the transformative path of Chinese medicine.
      3. Plan your visit with our admissions manager
        Talk with our admissions manager to plan your first visit and get the details of your next steps.
        We invite you to:
        •take a personal tour of the school,
        sit in on a class,
        •practice qi gong,
        •and visit our clinic for a free acupuncture treatment.
      4. Learn more about your next steps:
        scholarships available to you
        •how to apply for financial aid,
        •how to get letters of recommendation,
        •how to get your transcripts


1. Choose your Degree Program

Our entry level program is designed so that students can start with the Master of Acupuncture and Chinese Herbal Medicine and upgrade to the entry level Doctoral degree at any time.

Master's Degree (MAcCHM), for applicants with 60 units of study

Duration: 4 years (191 units / 3375 Hours)
Program Tuition: $68,570, estimated for students who are not transferring credits.
Admission Requirements: 2 years (60 semester credits) of undergraduate study qualify to enter.*


Doctoral Degree (DAcCHM), for applicants with 90 units of study

Duration: 4 years​ (195 units / 3435 Hours)​ **with co-requisites
4 years (​205 units / 3585 Hours)​ *without co-requisites
Program Tuition: $72,000, estimated for students who are not transferring credits.
Admission Requirements: 90 semester credits or 135 quarter credits*, biomedicine courses.
**Co-Requisites: Please speak with our Master's Dean about co-requisites


*Other ways to qualify for both Master's and Doctoral Programs:
1. If you are certified as a medical professional with at least the equivalent training of a registered nurse or a physician’s assistant, please allow us to review your transcripts and experience.
2. Credit by examination: up to 50% of the prerequisite education can be earned through the use of tests offered by the College Level Examination Program at clep.collegeboard.org.


Doctorate Completion (DAcCHM), for graduates with a TCM Master's degree

Duration:1 year (18 units / 315 Hours)
Program Tuition: $8,000, estimated
Classes heldin-person and online (hybrid) weekdays and evenings
Admission Requirements:
graduates with a Master's level degree from an accredited school of Chinese Medicine.


Advanced Doctorate (DAOM), for graduates with a TCM Master's degree

Duration: 2 years (212 units / 1220 Hours, 570 didactic and 650 clinical)
Program Tuition: $33,735
Classes heldin-person 1 weekend per month
Clinical Doctorate Specialties: Women’s Health & Reproductive Medicine, Healthy Aging & Internal Medicine
Admission Requirements:
practitioners with a Master's or First Professional Doctorate degree from an accredited school of Chinese Medicine



2. Submit our easy Application

Complete the free application below and click the Apply Now! button. Our admissions manager will contact you to set up a meeting. If you don't see the form below click here to view the application form.


3. Plan your visit with our admissions manager

Our admissions manager, Shelly, will contact you after your application is submitted. You can also call her directly at (310) 577-3000 ext. 124 and tell her about your unique interests, passions, and talents.
Plan your visit with Shelly to discover what fuels your interest in attending our university.

We invite you to:
1. Start with an admissions information session: learn about the application process, financial aid, academic programs, and campus life.
2. Take a personal tour of our school: this is a good opportunity to meet students and ask questions about what's most important to you.
3. Sit in on a class: you can experience the classroom culture and get an idea of the university's teaching style before you begin your studies.
4. Schedule a free acupuncture treatment: our teaching clinic is the heart of our school. This is a unique opportunity for you to immerse yourself in the world of TCM and experience the positive impact it can have on your health and well-being.

  • 4. Learn more about your next steps

    1. Scholarships: your admissions application is all that's needed to apply for our new student scholarships. If you'd like to add information about yourself by uploading a short essay, please use this form.
    2. Financial Aid: The Federal Financial Aid Application is used to determine a student's eligibility for federal financial aid, which can include grants, loans, and work-study. To begin your federal application use our school code 030982 and go to studentaid.gov/h/apply-for-aid/fafsa. Completing the FAFSA form is free and you should do it now.
    3. How to get letters of recommendation: we ask for two brief letters of recommendation, due before the term begins. Please use our simple letter form as a guide. It can be submitted online, or you can download and email this pdf form to admissions@yosan.edu.
    4. Send us your transcripts: we'd like to review your transcripts and give you any transfer credits that may apply. You can download and send us the unofficial versions from your college websites. Request your official transcripts emailed to admissions@yosan.edu from your college website or via parchment.com.